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Polato Impianti


"Polato Impanti” is operating in plant sector from the '90s.
The company under the guidance of Massimo Polato takes over of "Prezzi Silvio impianti elettrici” a family company known in verona from the '70s.

Polato Impianti offers system solutions with the philosophy of "smart home" and energy saving!

We are patner with AltoAutomation a prestigious group created by Biticino for the automation and the supervision of integrated system.

We aim to provided our constumers with a "implant system” in wich each application is made and  installed specifically for interecting with the other ina simple and dynamic way,facilitating and rationalizing the use.

And it's why in the proposals offered are: electrical systems; energy saving systems; burglar alarms for homes and service sector; managed phone systems with telephone systems; video door entry systems; centralized dust extraction systems; automations for doors and gates; systems receiving terrestrial and satellite TV; Cooling and photovoltaic.
Home automation combines all of this with ease and confidence.

Our "modusoperandi" distinguishes a philosophy and ethics that form thebasis of everything we do.

Recently PolatoImpianti is became a founding member of artisan Network Associate"Crea artigiani dell'ecoliving”. This network is based on anetthic code that distinguished trasparency, professionality, constantresearch of innovation and ecosostenibility. All to provide housingand everyday comfort.

Our project areadaptable to all installation needs, from the from the most easierand economic since the most complicated and personalized.

In fact being part of a of systemintegrators AltoAutomation consortium:"Consorzio Verona 4",we are able to offer to meet the needs of the private also for theminor maintenance solution,so we can guarantee the realization oflarge orders,t hanks to the synergy of 4 structured companies.

All this, added in the "Creaecoliving" contest that it allows to expanded our skills to theall building sector, getting an offer "chiavi in mano” guaranteedby the experience of artisan firms and experienced professionals.

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foto di Massimo Polato i think positive in search of a "blue ocean" I'm Massimo Polato, the owner of polato Impianti,I am happily married with Elena and i'm father of three wonderful children; I administer together with my better half, the activity that has been passed down from one generation. My job in the company is to innovate. More than a profession is a philosophy of life. I always try a "blue ocean", basically a new way to solve their daily needs. infmationsCondividi  /     special offers SPECIAL OFFERS beghelli The offers of the month go to special offersCondividi  /    

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